POOL Co-Founders

  • Julia Perevezentseva

    Strategic Communications, PR and

    Business Development Expert, 10 years

    of experience in Tech and Pharma industries

    Ex- Roche, Bayer, Philips and Bolt

    CIS External Press Office, PR & Communications


    Worked with PicsArt, Skolkovo Technopark,

    Lamoda Online fashion retailer, Bite Healthy food,

    Yasno Mental Health startup and Sravni.ru FinTech service

  • Ксения Лео

    External Communications, Content Strategy

    and PR Consultant, 8+ years of experience

    in Tech and Science industries

    Ex- Gero and Genotek Marketing Communications,

    Content and PR Lead in CIS and worldwide

    Worked with Gett, Tochka Bank for business,

    Dengi Vpered FinTech startup, HealthTech startups

    Bioniq, Doc+ and Centaura